WE PRODUCE video-lessons that are:





Our vision & mission

Thuma Mina Teaching is the vision of a South African team with a heart for greater, more equal access to quality education.

Our hope is that our free learning tool will assist learners to master a subject and experience small academic victories so that they will perform better academically and consequently pursue more years of schooling, leaving them with more options and opportunities in their adult lives.

The end-result of many days of filming and editing is the production of bite-sized, professional video-lessons aligned to the South African curriculum, made available to educators and learners alike, free of charge.

South Africa's education crisis

A large part of South Africa's education system is dysfunctional. This can be seen by the very low throughput rate from Grade 1 to university:

Of 100 learners that start school, approximately:

➡️ 50-60 will make it to Matric,
➡️ 40-50 will pass Matric,
➡️ 14 will qualify to go to university
➡️ 6 will get an undergraduate degree within 6 years (Spaull, N. 2019)

Piloting the resource in a school setting

We are collaborating with the Western Cape Education Department and are working with the relevant curriculum practitioners to formally pilot our video-lessons in a school setting in April 2021. We will be be piloting the resource in approximately 50 schools.

Our first pilot of the Thuma Mina Teaching video-lesson series commenced at the Andrew Murray Children's Home in Wellington. The video-lessons were well received by the learners both in terms of learner engagement and content comprehension.