accelerating access to quality education

Our vision & mission

To accelerate access to quality education by translating the CAPS curriculum into captivating video-lessons. Our aim is to have the core CAPS curriculum completed, for Grades 6-10, by 2025.

Our video-lessons have been received with great enthusiasm by the WCED and are:

  • aligned to CAPS

  • free of charge & easily accessible

  • quality controlled

South Africa's education crisis

Piloting the resource in a school setting

We are collaborating with the Western Cape Education Department to formally pilot our video-lessons in several schools in the second term of 2021, Covid-permitting.
The pilot seeks to gauge how teachers and learners receive and engage with the video-lessons, as well as the impact it has on curriculum coverage and mastery.

Our first pilot of the Thuma Mina Teaching video-lesson series commenced at the Andrew Murray Children's Home in Wellington. The video-lessons were well received by the learners both in terms of learner engagement and content comprehension.